Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is

A. Sportrabbit gives consumers a side by side comparison of online products and the ability to find local sporting goods retailers. Consumers can also review local stores, find local coupons, receive email updates and browse a complete buyer's guide of how to purchase sporting goods equipment.

Q. How does work?

A. allows consumers to search by products, brands, services and stores. The site includes every local sports store across the country along with merchant partners to give consumers a better overall experience finding sporting goods.

Q. Do you sell products?

A. We do not sell any products directly. You simply click on any product to go directly to the store that sells it, whether online or at a local store.

Q. What products do you display on your site?

A. We specifically want you to find products that you can purchase online or in a local store. These products are aggregated from affiliate partners which are online merchants.

Q. Why shouldn't I just Google my sports equipment?

A. Our search connects you to local sports stores without having to sift through pages of irrelevant sites, ads, pop-ups, and images. And, sporting goods coupons are attached to many of our results!

Q. Can I be certain that the product I searched for is in stock at the store I selected?

A. If your product search yields results, it means the store has listed it in their inventory. However, we cannot guarantee product size, color and availability.

Q. How do I change my location if SportRabbit doesn't have it right?

A. Click on the link in the search box titled "Change Location". You'll be taken to a page where you can enter your city and state, zip or landmark.

Q. How do I redeem a coupon at a store?

A. When you click on a coupon you'll be prompted to enter your email address. This unlocks the coupon so that it can be redeemed. Bring it with you when you shop!

Q. What if there is a sporting goods store in my area that is not featured on

A. Let us know! We will can contact the store and give them a free listing with a coupon.

Q. What if I have a suggestion or comment about

A. Fill out our Contact Us form! We would love to hear your comments and suggestions.